Bmw sensors


I’ve got a 525i with 95K miles. The camshaft sensor (A) has just failed for the 3rd time in two months. First my mechanic thought it was a bad replacement part. What else could be causing this problem, which is dangerous when it happens!


Explain the dangerous parameter, perhaps it jogs my memory, what year are we dealing with? Is the failure just a "check engine"light, have you checked for TSB’s?

It’s a 2001; sorry I forgot to provide (also an auto trans.) It’s dangerous because the first sign of trouble is that the car won’t hold idle; i.e. it starts easily but most of the time taking the foot off the gas, it dies. So the only way to get into gear is to simultaneously brake while keeping the rpms up enough so that it won’t die. Once running above about 3K rpm it will keep going but will die even before stopping at 15-20 mph. Not good if someone is close behind! It really can’t be driven safely – managed to get it to the garage, thankfully. Yes the engine light goes on and the diagnosis is camshaft sensor.