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BMW false brake light indicator

My 1994 BMW gives random brake light failure indicator. In warm weather it happens more frequently than in cold. After the car is parked for a while the indicator resets itself. I have removed all the rear light bulbs and have wire brushed and emory clothed the contacts, but the problem persists. Any ideas/suggestions? My wife wants me to take the car to a dealer but I think I can fix it with some help.

I’d try new bulbs before spending money on anything else.

And, make sure that the bulbs are all of the same brand.
These European bulb burnout systems are so sensitive that simply having bulbs of different brands on the same circuit can trigger the warning.

all bulbs are original. Thanks

The brake pads have an electrical sensor built into them so if the brake pads are worn out the light will come on.

Have the brake pads been inspected?

Wouldn’t that be a different light?

I’d replace the 17+ year old bulbs then. (Most 94s would have been built in 93.)

Possibly. Considering the problems persist after replacing the bulbs it could be the brake pad wear indicator light that is coming on. I don’t have enough information to go on at this time. Plus ALLDATA doesn’t show the cluster symbols so I can’t tell if there are different indicator lights.

More than likely there is a separate light, I hope the OP is reading the correct indicator.

When it is dark and the rear of your car is near a wall (or garage door), press on the brake 10 or 15 times. See if the brake lights illuminate EVERY time you press the brake. I am guessing that they won’t. If they don’t illuminate every time you press the brake, replace the switch on the brake pedal arm. I have replaced both mine on my two '97 BMWs.

The switch should cost only about $10 but I just checked a couple of on-line parts vendors and that switch is a little tough to find for your car. You may have to go to the dealer and pay $20. My experience suggests avoiding automotive replacement switches made in China.

Replacing the switch is not a bad job if you have small hands. If you bend the bracket getting the old switch out, straighten it as much as you can before snapping in the new switch.

I have removed all the rear light bulbs and have wire brushed and emory clothed the contacts, but the problem persists.

Try replacing the brake lights. They can do some funny things if they short out internally.