BMW 84 318i with problem


Hello everyone, I purchased a winter beater last year to simply get through the winter and managed to keep it in the driveway all year and need to determine what happened to it. The car cranks fine, as long as you do not touch the accelerator. It cranks, idles, and will sit there and warm up. But if you touch the gas pedal, the engine cuts out. I don’t know if it is in the fuel side or in the electrical side. If you give it gas, it cuts out and if you take your foot off the gas it will continue running at about 1100 rpm. I have never come across something like this, it is not like a clogged filter, because it completely cuts out when you give it gas, has anyone ever heard of something like this. I miss the old days of a simple carb, an intake, straight heads, and room to sit beside the motor under the hood.


Check the hose that runs between the AFM and the throttle body. This hose must be sealed (no rips in the hose, clamps tight around their attachment points.) or the car will not accelerate.

Classic “False Air” problem with Bosch L-jet fuel injected engines.


Many thanks, I will give it a try, as winter is rapidly closing in and I keep wrecking my bike.