BMW 525i onboard computer

Drving home from work, my engine lights began to flash and the engine shut down and wouldn’t restart. I turned off the switch for a couple of minutes and the engine started back up. I drove about a half mile and the same thing happened. Five minutes later, the car started and made it the rest of the way home, about 30 miles. Three days later and the car won’t start. It hasn’t been driven since I made it home. There was no warning of problems before the initial shutdown. I think the OBC is screwy, but wanted a second opinion. Thanks.

If your check engine is flashing something is severely wrong and you should not drive it. You need to have codes read at the very least.

It wasn’t just the check engine - it was everything and they flashed on and off. No lights came on after the first or second restart. I was looking for some sort of engine signal, but nothing.

I don’t know much about the 5 series, or which year you have, but when this problem occurs with the 3-series, it usually has to do with the battery being bad, the connection to the battery being bad, or a ground somewhere sapping the power to the computer. Same basic symptoms, spotty starting, all the idiot lights flashing, etc. Perhaps pull your battery, get it checked at autozone, clean the battery terminals, and failing to find anything with that, take it to your favorite Mechanic.