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93 BMW 525i "Brake Lt Circuit" is flashing

93 BMW 525i “Brake Lt Circuit” is flashing, what does that mean?

Well, it certainly can’t be good news, although I don’t have a BMW Owner’s Manual to verify this opinion. Could you take a look at your Owner’s Manual to see what the mfr had to say about this type of warning?

Or, if you don’t have a manual, a phone call to the service department at a BMW dealer should provide the info that you need. In the meantime, I strongly suggest that you not drive the car.

It means a problem was detected in the circuit for the brake lights. Are your brake lights working?

…and, more than likely, the cruise control has been disabled.

yes there working, and ill check on the cruise control

Broken brake pedal switch. The switch may be cracked and gave an intermittent break light circuit failure. Replace switch

brother totaled his car so my beamer is on loan to him so its not with me but he says there working and while im at it i bought 20" chrome rims before checking if they will fit, any ideas?

, thank you!

oh ya, stock radio askin me for a code, wont let me use it, BMW says they dont have codes that old, 1993, so do i just toss it or…

The code should be somewhere in the owner’s packet.

You just bought a random set of wheels? Find out what the bolt pattern and offset are and if it matches the specs for your car. You might have to roll the fenders to fit those tractor wheels in there, not sure.

1993 BMW on 20" wheels that probably are worth more than the car. I need to keep an eye out for this thing next time I’m in shanty town NC. Because I have to see this rolling sideshow act for myself.

knfenimore was correct about the most likely cause of the warning. That brake pedal switch can be a bit of a pain to replace, but it is not expensive. Those switches last only about a decade under normal use, so this car could already be on its second brake pedal switch. The cruise control likely still works because there are two separate switches in the switch housing, at least there are in the 3-series…

It would surprise me if the dealer could not pull the radio code from their computer system. However, they need the serial number off the radio, and you have to pull the radio part-way out of the dash to read that number. I suspect that the dealer just doesn’t want to fool with it. Try another dealer.

20" wheels? Really?

Is the flashing you are speaking of showing on the car’s computer message screen, or are you referring to the red light that may flash for any type of brake failure? If the latter, check your brake fluid first. If it’s on the computer’s message screen, it may simply be the wrong bulbs in the brake light sockets. BMWs factory bulbs have a specific resistance. Anything other than that MAY set off the message. If that’s the case, it is perfectly OK to ignore it.

MY local BMW dealer’s parts department has GIVEN me stereo codes for half a dozen cars, some as old as '89. The only one they couldn’t do it for had a rebuilt salvage title. They said it “no longer existed”. Hmmmm, I was driving it. I used to take the stereos to them. Now they know me well enough to do it over the phone. Do you have access to more than one dealer? They do need the serial number for the radio. You’ll have to pop it out. There are two tiny “doors” perhaps 1/4" square on each end of the radio. Under each door is an allen screw. Loosen both of them and the unit will slide out to the ends of all of its wires. Unplug the wires and you can take it completely out of the dash.