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Bmw 340 reliability

B58 reliability? Thoughts @$23k with warranty 28,000 miles
Risky? Or better then the n55

Isn’t BMW reliability an oxymoron?


OH SNAP @PvtPublic

I believe the 340 uses a Twin Turbo setup…as compared to the N55’s single Turbo. If it were me…I’d go with the single Turbo personally. Both from a reliability standpoint as well as a packaging under the hood standpoint.

Shoving TT’s under that “bonnet” really ups the ante in complexity (something Zee Geermanz are not afraid of) but you should be as someone who has to live with this machine.

Im not saying they are unreliable…I’m just saying that if and when something goes wrong its a very serious issue with two turbines under the hood… it shifts everything under the hood around and closer together…not to mention…Hotter.

BMW’s of late (and past models) are famous for failing the old “tool drop test”… drop a small tool under the hood…and I bet you $20 it doesn’t fall out the bottom…and you’re lucky if you ever see that tool again actually. LOL… As a guy who spins his own wrenches, I like to avoid that entire shituation if possible.

So again…for reliability, I’d go with 1 Turbo over 2 Turbo’s… and I’d Go No Turbo’s for even more “reliability”. Since reliability is what we were discussing.

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(LMK) just for those like me that don’t use Text Speak or don’t intend to means ’ Let me know '.

Evan , are you just doing internet dreaming about fast cars or are you really physically looking at these things . Also I suspect you are a young person and if so your insurance rates will be really expensive. And if you do acquire one of these you better have at least 5000.00 in you savings account for repairs.

Edmunds estimates about $10,000 for maintenance on a 2017, and about $9000 for repairs over the next 5 years. For comparison, a 2017 Lexus GS350 would average about $13,000 for maintenance but only $3000 for repairs over the same time period. Note that estimates for all work is at a dealership, not in your garage.


warranty and loan are not linked.
My comment has little value

Single twin-scroll with air-to-liquid Intercooler / Twin-Turbo with air-to-liquid Intercoo

Isnt it still a single turbo

Lol 1000 a mth you must not know what 22k is financed with a downpayment.

It may be dreaming to you Mr. V70 its reality to me with my downpayment the car would be less then $400 a mth n under warranty…thats unfortunate if a 20k car is “dreaming” for you

You have not answered the question . Are you just bouncing around the web looking at dream vehicles or have you actually seen them . Dream cars are not price specific . Have you even considered the insurance on one of these because if you are under 25 years old it will be a lot of money.

Bro what LOL my dream vehicle is not a used BMW for 22k hahaha yes i have im not worried i got USAA … I own the 2019 Veloster R Spec i owe 14k its worth 16,500 trade in… before down payment ive got $2,500 equity… and can comfortably afford upgrading car payment and insurance a bit its not like im looking to finance a 2015 bmw m6 grancoupe :joy: i am actually looking i actually test drove a 15 5.0 genesis and loved it too. Which is what brought me asking about this car 340i hoping an owner could see this.

Then you need a BMW specific Forum because I don’t think any of the regulars here have one. That is the problem with the sites ( Ask someone who has one ) feature because it does not only contact BMW owners . This is an open Forum .

Im fine with it being an open forum

Yes that would be a single T… twin scroll describes the compressor turbine design. I could swear the page I looked at said twin turbo… One of those straight sixes had twin turbo’s I’m certain of that, perhaps not this model.

OK… single turbo is imho more reliable than twin sure… Anyway, I have never owned a BMW that new…yet…but i probably will sometime soon. The reason is because I have been seeing a lot of BMW’s and VW / Audi’s being abandoned due to cost to maintain and or repair.

I’m not really speaking about reliability per say…maybe those cars I’ve been seeing have been Oil abused…which is super super common. People think motor oil is a lifetime product…only to be changed once every 100K miles… They are WRONG… I’m hoping this is the case.

Many of the cars I buy have been orphaned due to circumstances such as this. So I don’t have reliable reliability information on this model when maintained and treated with care. I do know they don’t tolerate harsh or non extant routine oil changes and maintenance however.

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That’s an easy bet to win . . .

Considering that most . . . maybe all of them . . . european rwd cars have had absolutely massive plastic splash pans under the engine for a few decades now

And it’s usually not just one splash pan, but multiple pans

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You don’t say what year. See April 2020 Consumer Reports for reliability ratings of used cars. The BMW 3 series for 2010, 2011, and 2019 are on their Worst Used Cars list.

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2016 / 2017 and okay thanks

Better than average reliability, says CR. 2014 and 2015 average. 2013 worse than average. 2012 (an earlier generation) worse than average. The 2013 and 2012 include much worse than average reliability for engine, major and engine, minor.

I for one don’t care for Consumer Reports . Rating on 7 and 8 year old vehicles are worthless to me. All I care about is the condition of the vehicle I am looking at . It’s problems may have been solved or it could develop entirely new ones.

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