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Bmw 325ic m-technic 1991


Just got a sweet ride hoping for some advice.Its a 1991 325ic m-technic,its got 112,00 miles and has been really well taken care of.I would like to do the same.Also want to make it my own.Would like to add some horse power without messing with the engine directly.Was thinking a exhaust and air filter.For the pipe something that sounds tasteful but powerful if anyone knows of any for this car that would be great that also goes for the air filter.Also would love to know anything that can make the life of this sweet ride be healthier and dependable.Thank much

I’ve owned half a dozen BMWs since my first 1975 3.0 CSi. Keep your car stock and drive it for the nice car it is. If you want a faster ride, sell it and buy and M3. Most after-market performance stuff is a waste of time and money.


Cool dude, most likely i will.Just wanted to see if there any tasteful smart options out there.I was mainly hoping for a pipe that had a bit more sound and was chrome,but the health of the car is much more important to me.Thanks for your reply

Would like to add some horse power without messing with the engine directly.Was thinking a exhaust and air filter.

Back in the 50’s and 60’s the cars had poorly designed exhaust and air intake was also lacking. By the 80’s the manufacturers had figured out what everyone already new and designed non-restrictive intakes and exhaust systems. Today unless you do some serious modifications to the engine, there is nothing, except maybe some noise, to be gained by messing with the intake or exhaust.

Whatever you do, avoid the K&N filters on a stock car. They can cause damage if they are not carefully serviced.

thanks for the info,looks like i’ll save my money for good upkeep.If you have any info for this car (stuff that i can do or check for on my own)would be grateful.This will be a mostly everyday car,and this is all new to me and want to learn as much as possible.Only had newer motor bikes so this my first car that seems will need some special care.

I’d say that it really took until the 90’s for the stock exhaust systems to get really competent. Even today many cars still don’t have mandrel bent pipes. The beancounters often dictate that compromises be made.

Dinan’s been making performance parts for BMWs for years. Looks like they have a chip to optimize the engine for premium:

cool i shell check it out thanks

just checked out that site.The one i think would be possible soon is the dinan performance chip and affordable.Is it easy to install???

I don’t know. Just contact them (email or phone), they should be happy to discuss it.

The chips is a good idea, but be aware that it’ll add horsepower at the expense of gas mileage.

If nothing else you should be able to find a manual at the parts store or check one out of the library as needed. The “Official” manual will be very detailed, but also very expensive.

The car never was a road burner and any attempt to make it one goes against that guys that designed it. Now if you want performance BMW has several models that offer serious performance, but for your year neck snapping acceleration just did not exist with BMW.