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BMW 325 misfiring

My 2004 325Ci had a small shudder or shake starting from a stop and going up the slope of my driveway. A few thousand miles later, it began to buck if I was overshifted. Mechanic found misfire in #2 and replaced all plugs which did not solve it. Replaced coil in #2. Switched bad coil into #1 and code showed up in #1, telling us that the coil was the problem. Unfortunately, care is still bucking, ugh! Mechanic suggested replacing all coils and cracked rubber part that could be drawing in air. This would bring me up to about $1000 trying to fix this. Any ideas would be appreciated very much.

Happy New Year. Peter

“cracked rubber part that could be drawing in air”…
What part is this? Any vacuum leak could give your symptoms. If it were me I’d fix that first. If it’s a vacuum tube, those are real cheap purchased by the foot and real easy to replace…just be sure to do only one at a time so you don’t cross them up.

Is the “cracked rubber part that could be drawing in air” a L shaped black rubber hose about 3" in diameter with convoluted rings around it? It’s very easy to test. With the engine running and the brake set, just grab that “cracked rubber part that could be drawing in air” and give it a squeeze. If the idle changes, that hose is indeed bad and needs replacement. Test it yourself. It won’t bite, and if you get a little dirty you can always wash. I don’t think your mechanic knows his beemers. You will surprise him with your new found knowledge.

Now that I have my paperwork, it’s the air mass sensor boot. It sounds like that’s my next move.

As a temporary measure, you can duct tape over the tear. Then, see how the engine performs. I don’t understand why your mechanic didn’t suggest/do this already.
You can get another intake hose from a salvage yard, and have your capable(?) mechanic install it (or, go elsewhere to have it done). The dealer will charge you dearly for the intake hose, I’m sure.