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BMW 318i Aircon/heater will not turn off even when car is off


I have a BMW 318i and today the aircon/heater came on by itself and has stayed on, even when the car is completely off.
I took it to an auto shop and the guy looked at the aircong flicked on/off all the buttons and said he would need to get it in for repair and I said I am concerned that if the car is turned off but the aircon is still running the car could run the battery flat or worse catch fire. He then said…its not on, and he was right he had turned it off.

I drove home knowing that I have had this car 10 years and its never done this before and it started up again. I parked my car and it was still running, so I decided to do what I saw him do and turn every button on and off. It seems to me to be an electric issue. This car always has its oil lght on as well.

Oh one last thing its nearly winter here and each day I drive the kids to school and the car seems to jut back and forth a bit when trying to drive. i can put my foot down on the pedal and and it takes a while for it to sbe responsive that it picks up speed. Could they be related?

Any ideas what/ how to fix it?

Some BMWs have a feature where the blower can be turned on when the car is off in order to get some residual heat for the passengers while the car is being refueled in winter. If you have this feature, perhaps the control for it is malfunctioning (or perhaps you’re just activating the feature inadvertently).

Ignoring an oil light is not a good idea, especially if it’s an oil pressure light and not an oil level light. This is like a person ignoring chest pains. Exactly what light is this?

It’s unclear to me what “jutting back and forth” means. Do you mean that it’s hard to keep the car in a straight line? If so, you may have alignment issues or a suspension problem, which could be dangerous if you don’t get it checked out right away.

As for not picking up speed, my first question is to ask if all maintenance on the car is up to date (as I have a sense that it may not be).

Hi thanks for the reply.

I know one other person who has this 318i oil light issue. It comes on everytime you start the car.

it is cold here ( late spring) and when I first drive the car it drives in a straight line OK but if i put my foot on the pedal the car moves forward but it takes a while for it to to drive like it should ie foot on pedal moves forward, now its like foot on pedal and you dont get the correct action of force. after you drive it for a while 3 minutes its fine. My need more coolant.