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BMW- 1995-530I Clunking noise


Clunking noise heard during stop , start and sudden acceleration sometimes very lound sometimes very soft or almost non existent. Hard to locate as well.
Feels like i’m about to loose my axel! Huuuuh…

My BMW is a 1995, 530I with 154000 miles on it.

Thank’s for the help!


Don’t those have a rubber/polymer part in their driveshaft that fails over time? Some call it the ‘Guibo’ (honest!).

…or, it could be a bad u-joint, or it could simply be a case of a splined shaft in need of lube.
Unless you know what you are looking at, you need to have a qualified mechanic put the car up on a lift and see what is going on with your drivetrain.

I once had a car with rear wheel drive and independent rear suspension. I had the same problem you described. It turned out to be a bad u-joint on one of the drive wheels.

This is a rear wheel drive fully independantly suspended vehicle with U-joints in the driveshaft and CV joints in the rear axles. Any of these could be the source of the noise.

It’s also entirely possible that it’s simply a $20 antisway bar bushing dried up and worn to a larger hole where the bar goes through. Those also make exactly the sounds you describe. And since the bar turns inside the rubber with every bump, the holes do wear bigger.

Can’t tell from here. Someone’s gotta get under the car.