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Blue Devil for an oil leak

I have a 2000 Toyota Corolla that is leaking some oil, its not dripping, its just all over the engine. When I pour in 3qts of oil, it typically lasts only 1000 miles. I had recently changed the valve cover gasket and the pcv valve and there is no leak from the top or into the spark plugs. Also am not sure if this leak is from the Rear Main Seal or the oil pan gasket. Given its an 20 year old car, I dont want to spend lots of $$ hence was wondering if anyone has used the Blue Devil product and is it effective? Also whats the difference between the Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer vs. Blue Devil Oil Stop leak. Which one should I use? Any other products recommended for the oil leak.

Check your oil level regularly and add as needed, as if it gets too low, your car will die from the engine damage.
Leaks are inconvenience, oil starvation is a terminal condition.
As for “oil leak sealer”: I would suggest you to use none.
Use “high mileage” type of oil, cheapest one, like Walmart’s “SuperTech”.
It has additives similar to your “Blue Devil”, but much milder and it will not damage your seals.
With “Blue Devil”, I would not be so sure.

Thank you @thegreendrag0n for your response. I do add oil regularly and dont wait till it goes all the way to the bottom on the dip stick. Just to clarify, when I say 3qts of oil last for 1000 miles, that’s based on an overall average. Also I use high mileage 5W30 synthetic oil but that also last the same 1000 miles and I can see oil leaks underneath the engine though it doesn’t drip.

I would save few pennies and go “conventional” at this stage, it is less detergent, so likely it will leak a little bit less.
This car did not call for synthetic when new, and at 20 years synthetics will not do it much better than standard conventional.
Synthetic is also more detergent and has a better flow, so overall tends to leak more.
Sorry to be a skeptic of Blue Devil, but I would rather have a slow leak I control, than some temporary improvement followed by bigger leak down the road when seals rubber contracts back in absence of additive.

Suggest to determine the cause before trying chemical sealant “fix”. If its the rear main then the sealant may be your best bet. But figure out what’s leaking first. Parts stores have UV dye kits that make this easier.

Liquid in a bottle or can will not replace worn out part’s or gasket’s.

Sounds like the oil control rings are seized in the pistons and the engine is consuming oil. If the engine were leaking at that rate there would be people unhappy with the oil puddles that you leave behind.

Based on the car model year, it may fall into that generation of Corollas which was prone to rings wear.
Would it be better to use “Restore” additive (with every oil change) to prolong the agony?

I do add Restore with every oil change, not every time I top it off, however, as said the leak is clearly visible while there is a possibility that the engine may be burning oil as well. Again, as said, since the car is 20 years old, I dont want to spend too much $$$ and hence if there are any cheaper alternatives to fix the oil leak or the engine oil consumption, I will appreciate that.