Blown Spark Plug in 1995 Camaro Z28

Anyone know why Plug #7 in a '95 Camara Z28 would suddenly explode? It banged around the engine compartment and disappeared, scaring me to death, but was easily replaced. These were high-end spark plugs, guaranteed for 100K miles. What might have caused this?

There are several possibilities and your troubles may not be over.
1.The original plugs were galded on the threads and simply removing the old plugs damaged the threads.
2.Someone overtightened them or left them loose.
3.Someone cross-threaded them and damaged the threads.

This car should have the LT-1, which means aluminum heads. If the threads were damaged and someone simply screwed another plug in you can expect more of the same; and quite possibly other cylinders also.

JMHO, but plugs should never be left in in any engine for 100k miles whether they’re high end or not.
Leaving plugs in a long time, especially on aluminum heads, can contribute to ruining the spark plug hole threads.

There’s no info provided as to who done it and how did they do it, but spark plugs should NEVER be threaded into a hole with a socket and extension. A short piece of rubber tubing on the end of the plug should be used to start the plug followed by the socket and extension.

I agree 100% with what OK says.