Blown O2 sensor on 1996 Ford Contour

My 1996 ford contour keeps blown O2 sensors ( says the mech) and he keeps replacing them. I want to know why. The engine also surges and even stalls out on me every once and a while. Its an automatic too!. Help

Surging and stalling could be a vacuum leak, among other things. Repeatedly ruining O2 sensors could be running rich. It sounds like your mechanic is throwing parts at a symptom of the problem, instead of diagnosing it. I suggest finding another mechanic.

That makes sense. So is it the vacuum leak thats making it run rich or is there something else i have to fix?

First off, is the check engine light on? If so, what codes are coming up?

yes the check engine light does come on. and the codes that come up are one bank running lean and the other rich(cant remember which sides which been a while).

Find a new mechanic. He keeps throwing parts at the wrong problem.

Find out why one bank is lean and one is rich. This may be because of a bad injector or two. Or a vacuum leak. Once this problem is solved, the O2 sensors should last.

Will do thanks