Blown Enigine 2 hours after of buying. Who pays?


About a week ago I bought a 2002 audi a4 from a privite party in oregon, I live in washingtion. On my way home the bolt between the camshaft and the cam gear snaped. It dumped oil and my oil light came on I pulled over but it was too late. all my valves are bent damaged pullys etc i opted to get a used engine and the cost of it plus labor is $7000. More then Half of what i paid for the car. Who should be stuck with the bill? It snaped due to his timing belt service over tighting the bolts but it was over a year ago.


I think you are stuck. But check your state laws. If you are lucky, you can get the seller to pay part.


If an as-is sale (typically for all private sales) you own it and any repairs incurred.

Bad luck that is all.


Car sales by private individuals do not come with any warranty unless one is expressly stated by the seller. If the owner did not give you a warranty (and they rarely, if ever, do), you are totally liable for the cost of the repairs.

Sorry for the bad news.


An “AS IS” sale means you own the vehicle and all of its inherent problems.
So how is it determined that that someone overtightened the bolts over a year ago and this was the cause of the problem?
Why would oil be dumped because of an alleged improperly tightened bolt?
Sure this not a lack of oil related problem and the entire engine seized up?


sorry,but last guy right your stuck!


I agree with the others, you are stuck, and in this case, I don’t think the seller had any idea of the impending doom.