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Blown Engine in 97 Mazda 626

My 22 year old son blew the engine in the 97 Mazda 626 I bought him. The car body and tires are in good shape. Is it worth trying to find a used engine in a junkyard and paying a mechanic to install it? How hard do you think it would be to find such an engine? I live in the Austin, TX area.

That’s probably your cheapest option…shouldn’t be too hard to find one.

What circumstances led to the engine failure, if I may ask?

About two years ago, I bought the car for my son with a rebuilt engine. He did not break the engine in properly, and it stopped running. I had it towed back to the mechanic who had done the rebuild. He was pretty disgusted, as was I. The car has sat on his lot since that time. There is now the chance that my son has learned his lesson, and I am trying to determine if it is worthwhile to put in a used engine and give him another chance.