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Blower motor will ony work on high settings 3//4//5

the heat will only work on settings 3/4/5 the first two settings 1/2 are not engaging the blow motor.and with the setting on 3 it is to hot in the car.what can i do to fix this.i put the settings on the floor and still to hot.could their be a loose wire?

You need a new blower resistor. The resistor controls the blower speed by reducing it from high, or “5” in your case. Replace the resistor and you should have all speeds again.

The resistor is mounted in the ductwork, near the blower motor. If you can see and reach it, it shouldn’t be hard to replace.

‘great’ i can get to the duct work i will go get a new resitor today.what side of the car would it be on.forget to put make and model.2002 montecarlo ss 3.8 v6 46,800 miles thanks again. dominic

After you replace the resistor, you may find that the new one burns out after a while. If so, it means you need a new blower motor, and that’s why the first resistor pack burned out.

The blower should be on the passenger side.

wanted to thank you for all the advice.their have been so many issues with this 02 montecarlo after another.the most expensive so far was the upper and lower intake manifolds gaskets exct.832 00 for the class action suit that were out for reibursement the deadline was 6 weeks before i had the intake done.they will not take any more clamis.learning alot on this is to cold outside today to work on the when i put the new resistr in this weekend i will keep you informed dominic

I can understand your desire to fix the fan speed issue but I am confused as to why speed 3 is “too hot”. The amount of heat can be controlled by where you set the temperature selector. Unless that control (blend door) is stuck on the hottest setting too.

checked the blend doors they seem to be working fine.even with the temp selector at a colder temp.their is to much air circulating in the car.tried every level and every vent.then again it is 10 degrees out and getting colder.i guess you would have to be in the car to really understand.not comfertiable with that much air blowing in the car.setting 5 and 6 blow out even more air.this is a 02montecarlo ss a coupe.if that makes a difference.dominic

Are you sure you have 5 or 6 fan speeds? Maybe I’m nisstaken, and you didn’t mean fan speeds.