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Blower for a 351

I have a 351w in a 69 falcon, I am looking to put the most power I can get into it into it. How much hp would I get from adding a blower and how much work would I need to do to put one on (new carb? intake?) (by the way, the engine already has a cam and headers). And, can I get a small enough blower so I don’t have to chop the hood?

Just wondering, what is the biggest engine I could shoehorn in there without having to modify anything aside from the mounts?

Look and see if you can find an article from Jack Roush titled: “If I Only Knew Then, What I Know Now”. He explains how to rebuild a 351W engine using stock Ford engine parts to create a monster.


About the only blower you’ll probably be able to get under the hood without modifying the hood is a centrifugal unit and these are $$$$$.
You then run into a multitude of problems to work your way through since it would have to be a blow-through system. (assuming this engine is carbed; fuel injected is much simpler)

Any gain will vary based on heads, head work, camshaft, timing, etc. so it’s hard to say how much you will obtain. wild guessing, figure 25-35% more, depending.

The 460 is a monster motor but it’s also a tall one so no way will it clear the hood, blower or not.

The 351 can be stroked out to about 425 or so inches but stroker or blower, it’s going to take a bit of work and quite a bit of cash.

online artical or is it a book?

The article was in an early 70’s Hot Rod magazine. I copied the article, and it’s filed somewhere in the garage. Maybe I should see if I can find it?


If I did break down and chop the hood, would that simplify the blower system I could put on? (it is a carbed engine)
I am looking for parts secondhand (I know that buying secondhand is not always the best idea, but I got plenty of time to find parts) So, what older systems work the best?
Are you saying that a 460 would fit between the shock towers?

@ tester

That would be great!

I actually found the Hot Rod magazine with the article!

Unfortunately, It’s how to build the 289-302 CID engines. But 351W heads are installed in the process.


sadly I can only get the first page up. I can’t read the artical.

I only showed the opening page of the article. There’s eight pages, and that would take forever to upload. Besides, I didn’t think you would be interested with the modification of a 289-302 engine.


Oh, Ok. Thanks!