283 to a 377?

is it possible for me to take my 68 truck 283 and bore it to a 4.00 bore and clearance the block for a 3.75 stroker crank??

While I love engine modifications, this is one that I flat don’t know the answer to.
The bore might be doable but the stroke is really pushing it I think.

That’s an awful lot of displacement to ask for out of a 283; even with a stroker crank.
Stroker cranks often require a few extras. This means custom connecting rods, custom piston set, etc. and the ability to set things up properly.

When you start getting excessive with piston compression height and whatnot this means the piston rings can run too close to the top of the piston or too close to the wristpin. This can mean a short engine life.

Besides, stroker rod/piston sets can get very pricy.
Rather than hack up a 283 what I would do is find a 350 or even 400 and tweak that. It would be less costly.

If you really want something to turn heads and roast tires with, then consider a Cadillac engine. You can usually find one of the old 472 or 500 cubic inch motors on the cheap.
Physically they’re not much bigger than a 350 and if you use block hugger headers, aluminum intake, etc. they’re only marginally heavier.
They’ll churn out about 350-400 HP stock along with about 450-500 ft. lbs. of torque.

Other than the front mounted distributor they even look like a garden variety Chevy 350. Some orange paint and voila! You can be the cubic inch king on the block and kiss the rear tires goodbye!

well this is the original 283 in my 67 c-10 truck and im the secound owner i uess im really doing it for the heck of it but i wonder if you can clearnce the block enough without getting into the water jackets i even have the protect o plate for the truck

and i have several 400s and even a 396 in my 68 ss396 chevelle but i have a 71 402 60 over block that needs a home.

the real goal of this engine is to run it as a 283 in a factory looking outfit in the truck and have a little somethin somethin to hide
the truck came with a powerglide and 373 gears anyway so i think it would be a blast to drive and still be sneaky :wink:

You can do anything you want if you have enough money…But why bother? It would be much cheaper just to drop in a 350 crate motor…But in the end, you are still driving an old pick-up truck…

well my daily drive is a 67 chevelle

i guess i just like to make a statement
and i have a 68 true ss 396 and a 69 x-44 camaro
i like to build stuff that stands out and is different
and i like knowing my stuff looks somewhat original but has a few extra ci or a little extra power

Gotcha, but I still don’t know for sure on this one.
Grabbing a roughly 35% displacement increase on a stroker seems like a real stretch to me, but like most things; I guess enough aggravation and money can smooth out the wrinkles.

A 350 would look right at home in that truck. They are bulletproof, cheap, plentiful, and powerful, so that’s the route I would take. I really don’t know if it is possible to do with your 283 what you want to, but as has been already stated by ok4450, it would be very expensive and may result in a rapid trip to the grave for the original engine. You may also have cooling issues with that much extra displacement, which is another thing to consider if you intend to drive it on the road.