Block heaters!


I have a 2002 olds Alero with a v-6 engine. Carquest says the block heater goes in the center soft plug hole in the rear on the engine… HOW THE HECK do ya get to that??? Can I knock the soft plug in and leave it inside the engine???

Also have a 2000 chev 3/4 silverado with a 6.0 liter… Block heater goes in plug with 17 mm hex for removal. Little worried about pulling the threads of the plug. Anyone ever had that happen???

THanks lherman


Try this website for block heaters. So use the center soft plug hole in the front of the engine. That’s what I did on my '92 Olds Cutlass Ciera w/ 3.3L V-6. The plug needs to be removed. Don’t leave it in the engine. I use a wide blade slot head screwdriver (a big one), punch a hole with the screwdriver right through the plug, then wiggle the plug out. Sometimes, pliers will help get the plug out, especially if the plug gets cock-eyed. Try needle-nose pliers, also. But get the plug out. When installing the proper heater, tighten the locking bolt only 20-25 INCH-POUNDS. Your instructions with the block heater will tell you that the clamping mechanism is designed to hold the heater in place—not to seal the heater or prevent leakage. The O-ring, at that low torque, will keep it from leaking. Just make sure to run your wires away from heat sources such as exhaust manifolds/pipes, the radiator, and keep the wires away from fan blades. --Prof. Handy.


I have re-read your original post. Are you saying that your 200 Siverado has 17mm threaded freeze plugs? Or are they just regular pressed in plugs? If they’re regular pressed-in plugs, then you shouldn’t need a wrench for removal.


A better site, not as confusing as the zero start one, is In the search box, type in Engine Heaters. That’ll give you a good idea of what’s out there. These block heaters are made by “KAT’S”.


I was hoping that it would be a regular soft plug. However, the back left plug is threaded and very TIGHT. THinkin I may need to take it somewhere else… that way if they pull the threads then they can deal with it. The block heater that car-quest gave me has a threaded end and not much of the element sticking out. I first tried removing it with the engine cold… nada… thinkin it might help I drove for a bit to warm up the engine… still was very tight.??? Any other advice???