Block heater on 2006 Scion xa

Where can I find instructions on how to install a engine block heater for a 2006 Scion xa. The part is from Toyota Canada. The mounting hole is puzzling to find. Any help, tips will be greatly appreciated.

Usually the block heater is installed in place of one of the frost plugs located on the side of the engine block. Sometimes the block heater comes with instructions recommending which frost plug to remove to install the block heater. But this sometimes it isn’t easy to get access to the recommended location. So, I install them at a frost plug location that is easy to gain access to. And in doing so, I haven’t found any problem with the performance of the block heater.


I believe Toyota installs these block heaters in all cold parts of Canada. If you phone any Toyota dealer in such places as Winnipeg, Edmonton or Calgary, they will tell you exactly how thwey do it.

Dear Tester:
Thank you. There were no instructions included. I purchased the part from the Toyota dealer in Anchorage and had it mailed to a remote island where I live. The parts guy wrote on the receipt - “Left side of engine block under connector for outlet heater hose.” Does that make sense to you? We don’t have a Toyota dealer/mechanic here. The mechanic who’s going to intall it maintains a fleet of Scions used as taxis. I remember the parts guy telling me over the phone “the trick is to put it in the hole.” What hole, where?"
Thank you again

It makes perfect sense.

He located a frost plug on the side of the engine block below the heater hose, removed it, and installed the block heater. Now all you need to do is purchase a timer for the block heater so it comes on a couple of hours before you have to leave in the morning. This way you don’t use much electricity, and have instant heat!


Dear Tester:
Thanks for the advice. I’m having the block heater installed tomorrow. The timer sounds like a great idea.

The timer is a good idea. I’ve been doing that for years now. I’ve set my timer to come on about 1 to 2 hours before I have to leave in the morning (depending on how cold the temperature was overnight). On the especially cold nights I would add an hour.

By doing so I had a toasty van within 2 minutes of starting the engine, and I only allowed the vehicle to idle for about 45 seconds. Even when the temperatures were at the -30 degrees Celcius mark.

But don’t forget, you still have to take it easy at first. It takes a while for all the parts to warm up - and the transmission oil isn’t warmed by the block heater, so you have to watch how you treat it on those cold days.