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Should Blizzak tires be rotated every winter or should they be mounted on the same wheels consistently?

Ideally both.

It is best if they have their own wheels so you don’t need to remove your other tyres from the wheels to put the winter tyres on each year.

The wheels with the winter tyres should generally be rotated, front to back so they are mounted on the same side of the car each year (I believe they are directional) but if they had been on the right front last year they are on the right back this year, (Same with the left) I use the same rotation for my three season tyres as well.

Mr. Meehan has given you a very clear response. When I take my winter tires and wheels off each spring, I mark the location where they will be mounted next winter.

The right front tire is marked “Right Rear”, the left front tire is marked “Left Rear”, etc. Only by marking your tires properly will you know which position they should go to when they are next mounted.

Yes, they should be rotated, and yes, they should be mounted on their own steel wheels.

Rotate them season to season. Usually one set of wheels wears faster than the other. You want to offset this.