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Blinking oil light

My 91 Accord,drives great,except, when driven on fwy. or many short errands, oil light blinks, engine feels hot,but temp gague stays ok. My mechanic cannot figure it out.He just replaced the radiator.I’m afraid to dirve it any long distances.

It is normal for the engine to “feel” hot, it is extremely hot. If you have checked your oil and it is where it is supposed to be and the light is blinking, you probably need a new pressure sending unit which costs about $10 and is easy to change.

What does the owner’s manual have to say about what a blinking oil light means? Sometimes it means it is time to change the oil. Sometimes it means you have low oil pressure, which can be caused by either a bad oil pump or a lack of oil.

Does it blink only when idling?

I would be careful feeling the engine when it’s at full operatting temperature. Put your hand on the exhaust manifold and you just may “feel the burn”. Engines normally operate at about 200 degrees F in the water jacket at the temp sensor, hotter even at the exhaust ports. 212 F is where water boils. Scalding water is what, 180F?

As noted, it may mean several things (check the owner’s manual). My guess is it means the oil pressure is going low. This may be very bad for the life of your engine, or it may just be a bad sensor. They only way to know is to have it checked. I certainly would not drive a car with a blinking oil light. Well maybe you car, but not one I owned.