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Bleeding Brakes

I am changing master cylinder on Nissan pathfinder. I know how to bleed master but how do I bleed brakes.

This site gives a great step-by-step instruction for brake bleeding. Hope it’s helpful.

wow good site thanks alot

In an auto repair class I took in an informal class setting about 25 years ago I was taught this method for bleeding brakes which I have been using successfully ever since. Get a piece of clear plastic tubing about 12’ long of a size that will tightly squeeze into a piece of vacuum tubing. Cut the vacuum tubing to about 3" long. Force the vacuum tubing over the bleed nipples and loosen just enough that when you press the pedal fluid will flow into the tube (too loose and air will suck back into the cylinder or caliper). Run the tubing under the car to where you can see it with the drivers door open while sitting in the drivers seat. Pump the pedal until the fluid runs clean and bubble free, addding fluid to the master as you go, making sure of course never to let it run dry. Tighten the nipple and move on to the next wheel. I always go from fartherest wheel to closest, RR,RL,RF,Rl. I have never known anyone else to use this method but it always has worked well for me.

The methods described always worked for me. I bought the plastic tubing at Home Depot (it’s cheaper) and used a glass jar. I drilled a hole in the lid for the tubing to pass through and a small one for a vent. I used a very long piece so that I could set the jar on the ground by the driver’s door. Then you can see if the bubbles of air are gone. You can do the entire operation by yourself. Good luck

Sorry Drorul, but you aren’t the only one to do this. Lol Guess there must be a bunch of us old dudes running around. As I said, the method has done well by me. Have a good one