Blazer repairs

My blazer needs a new heater core or should I just sell it as is? Replaced the trans in Aug. Need two new tires this month too. I’m driving to Cdn border for Xmas in two weeks and realize I won’t be able to see if it’s snowing and my defrost isn’t working.

Year, miles, Full size or S10. It’s usually cheaper to keep repairing the vehicle, but only you know when to walk away.

I was offered 1300 trade for my 2000 Blazer LT 4wd (113k miles, good condition) last February, so it’s not worth much. I had the exhaust replaced yesterday, I look at the cost as 1 car payment so if it lasts another month I break even. As you may well know, parts and repairs for an S10 Blazer are expensive.

Replacing the heater core is labor intensive ($700-800 cost). If the rest of the truck is in good shape I would go ahead with the repair.

How do you know the heater core is bad? Coolant smell in cabin, coolant dripping out the heater vents, etc. Last year the heat got stuck on the defroster on my Blazer. I threaded a coat hangar wire up the floor vent and poked around until the air flow was split evenly between the floor and defroster vents.

Ed B.

We need more details. What’s the condition of the car other than this problem? How old is it? Are you looking for an excuse to get a new car or are you hoping to keep using this one for a while?

If you’re getting only two tires, make sure they go on the back for safety reasons. Also make sure your manual says nothing about all tires needing to have matched circumferences, if you have AWD.

If you’re considering a private sale and not a trade-in, it’s generally worth fixing any obvious problems anyway. Otherwise a potential buyer will simply knock the price of the repair off of his or her offer.

It’s a 2000 LS 4WD but >176K miles. I’m trying to keep it as long as possible. My mechanic has looked at the heater core. I’m getting the smell, no heat, but no leaking yet. It’s so labor intensive not really worth it for him to fix (one man shop). I’ve got to find someone willing to do it!

It all depends on if he has other work. If he is not doing anything anyway he might as well take on your heater core. Pretty cheesy when your mechanic turns you down just when you need him. Have you pulled your bank roll out and let him have a look at cash? this always worked with me. Where is someone you can exploit when you need him? probably in the “day labor” group at Home Depot.

Let’s see. Blazer with new heater core is worth $XXX.XX Blazer with leaking heater core is with $XXX.XX minus the cost of a heater core.

Unless it’s going to bankrupt you, I’d fix it. Do you really want to be driving through below-freezing temps with no heat or steam from the leaky core fogging up your windows while you inhale toxins?

I suppose if you have your heart set on a new car, then go for it, but IMHO, a car that’s being sold in the middle of winter with questionable heat is going to be kind of hard to sell or sell for a lot less.