Convert to biodiesel, put in solar panels

In an effort to be more environmentally-friendly, I’d like to convert my fuel-burning food truck to biodiesel and add some solar panels for extra heating/cooking capacity.

Any advice? Ideas? Suggestions?

Do you mean biodiesel from a pump (B5? B10? B99?) or used cooking oil? And I assume your truck is a diesel.

It would help if we knew what kind of truck you’re talking about.

Thank you for responses!

The truck is Grumman Olson similar to the attached.’-BODY-96644511

The truck in your link has a Chevrolet 350 V8 engine, which I believe runs on gasoline, not diesel fuel. Does your truck have a similar engine?

In order to convert to biodiesel you have to start with a diesel engine. Gasoline engines cannot be converted to run on diesel fuel, bio- or otherwise.

That’s right, we’d have to convert the engine to diesel first. Is this worth the effort or better to buy a new diesel truck? Thank you.

There is no possible way to convert a gas engine to diesel. Replace, yes, but that is BIG $$$$.

You will need a new engine either way. You can’t convert a gasoline engine to diesel.

Unless you are a good mechanic, you are going to need someone to do a conversion for you. That likely will cost enough more that buying a diesel truck from the start will not only be better, but it may well be cheaper.

Tell us some more about your solar expectations. What are you expecting from that?

For the solar panel, I’m hoping to install some solar panels on top of the truck enough to warm/ toast bread. If there is any extra power, we’d like to use on small appliances. Will there be enough power for either?

You’ll be disappointed about the amount of electrical power from panels. You’ll need a large set of storage batteries, an inverter, and some backup source of electricity when it runs out.

Rather than these two very expensive changes that will yield minimal environmental benefits for a number of years, why not go through your current routine and carefully analyze everything you do, improving all the steps where possible to lessen pollution creation, fuel use, etc? Driving routine, maintenance on your truck, use of disposables, all could be improved, I’d imagine.

you want to spend about $10k to MAYBE save yourself a few hundreds a year. Doesn’t make any sense to me.