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Big wheels

Saw this at the local junkyard.

(Pretty sure this was done as a practical joke at the owner’s expense…not even sure if they were bolted on)

The local dealer in Rimz is “Rent-N-Ride Rimz.” The car owner is so compelled to have the huge wheels that he contracts to pay by the week to drive on them and the retailer can send the Repo wrecker to grab the car and bring it in if a payment is late. They may be installing the used car lot timers that shut the car down unless a pass word is used to reset them at each payment interval. Conspicuous consumption at its finest.

The trend I really don’t get with the “old cars with big wheels” style is putting candy and cereal logos on the door.

Whoa! That’s a serious case of childhood reversion (or more likely, permanently stuck there). Are there any with healthy cereal choices?

Not that I’m aware of. Somehow I don’t think granola would appeal :wink:

I think those are called Donks or Boxes, depending on the era the car was made.

Wish I had pictures but several of the bored and intoxicated ‘Roads’ scholars in a little place near here called Dashwood outfitted a picnic table with wheels and a lawnmower engine and were apprehended over the weekend cruising the main drag. No word on the size of the wheels or how it was steered and stopped. The only charges were having liquor in an open container. Pretty much an essential and of course copious ingredient for any Darwin Award aspirant. I guess the HTA isn’t quite broad enough yet to define this one: PUI? Operating an unlicensed picnic table? Careless picnicking?

Classic video @bscar.


There’s a guy in the UK who built a street-legal sofa. And a bed. And a shopping cart. And an office.

I’m really surprised that the “demon camber” thing is legal, if it is. It looks unsafe! The immature stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me.

I’m not sure it is. The cruizin’ crowd has always done stuff to their cars that isn’t legal. Underglow neons, little blue dots in the tail lights (which actually they lobbied together and got made legal at least in some states), drop-hydraulics with magnesium skid plates so they can do a shower of sparks as they drive along, etc. But to be cited for it, they have to be caught. :wink:

In NH it’d be illegal. NH limits suspension mods.