- Big tires


my friend does not have an amg package on his merc. he only has amg rims. and the smallish non-amg rotors. so, the pic i posted really is the clearance between that 17" rim and caliper on the rear. but the rear rotor is smaller than the front. i think. might have to look at the front wheel now


Car and Driver had a BMW for a long term test, had to replace several rims due to pot holes.


B.B. The major reason why manufactures use bigger rims then they need to, is not the brakes or handling, it’s the style.

My wife’s car has 20 inch rims standard yet it easily accommodates 18 inch winter rims with a better ride and not much loss in handling. But, she luvs those summer 20 inch rims come spring and the entire car looks better because of them.

I’ve yet to see anyother car that offers a bigger rim option that it isn’t the same case.


Or fins on late fifties cars?