- Big tires


Gadgets and safety gear. It all adds up.


Or a VW Golf -75 at 1750 lbs and a Golf 2017 at 2900 lbs for the cheapest versions. In Europe that is.


Harder to find the 14 inch tires, but many owners (myself included) of early 70’s Chevelles, LeMans, etc. with F78 14 size (now 205 75 14) will get really mad if they’re no longer available.



What size tires does your 1992 Corolla have . . . 155R13?

Does your local tire shop have to special order them for you?

are there limited choices?


TireRack has exactly 3 tires in the 205/75-14 (F78-14) size that are not trailer or winter tires. You may have to head to Coker Tires for classic reproduction tires!


friend has C350 coupe. it is not an AMG model. it has AMG rims though. 255/35/18 rear wheels. this is pic of an CLK350 rear wheel. which has same brake diameter as a c350. lots of clearance between caliper and rim. this is the clk350 17" rear wheel. it is 245/40/17 appx


The AMG has MUCH bigger brakes than a base C350 or a non AMG CLK. The bigger wheels clear the big Brembo calipers and the lower profile helps the AMG handling performance. Same reason for the larger rear wheel-and-tire vs fronts.

And they look good, too, which is why the 18 inchers are fitted to this tiny braked base CLK. I think I could change pads without taking off the wheel! I KNOW I could bleed it wheel-on! :joy:


the pic is of 17" rim, not 18". lots of caliper clearance. and i think the rim is aftermarket. though it has a mercedes center cap


Is that the rear wheel?



Yes, they aren’t in local stock.

As I recall there were only two or three options available.


I understand you can only order tires in your size, but are there any decent choices out there?

Or only Douglas, Big O, Ling Long and so on . . . ?


Douglas was one of the choices I believe. I don’t think Big O was an option, but it could be my tire store doesn’t deal in Big O tires. There was another Asian-name brand, but I’d never heard of it, maybe it was that one you mention. A survey of internet comments pointed to Hankook as the best of the choices available, which is the one I decided upon.


I’d rather have Hankook than some of those other choices, but I don’t think it’s a great choice

I consider Hancook to be decent, but no more than that


The last set of Hankook tires that I saw come in for the used car department were make in the USA. Some of the cheaper tires like Ironman come from Vietnam, Indonesia and China.


Ever heard of that brand “Lionhart” . . . ?

I’ve seen several cars with that brand, and they just look like cheapo tires to me

Hopefully I’m not slamming a top-rated tire :smirk:


There are many odd ball tires imported today, people don’t want to pay $250 each for a tire that matches OEM performance and quality.


The pic is the rear wheel of the clk. Not my friends car.


As to buying an AMG Mercedes and being dissatisfied with the configuration of the vehicle that seems to be a common complaint. Several times a week I see complaints from owners about high performance brakes and suspensions. Most buyers want the look but not the compromise of the performance package.


I’ve always thought you can tell a lot about a customer by the tires they have on their car. When I see a BMW or a Mercedes with Ironman or Runway tires I know it’s another “all show, no go” owner who bought more car than they want to pay for.


I knew someone at work who had 35 series tires on her BMW. She complained that she had to keep replacing her $600.00 rims due to pot holes. "Nuf said.