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Wheel Size

I’m lloking to buy a vehicle that has a standard 17" wheel; however, it also has optional 18" and 19" wheels. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different sizes when compared to one another such as, ride comfort, mpg or anything else?

Wheel size will not effect mpg, but size makes a difference in comfort vs performance. Smaller wheels use higher profile tires which will absorb more “shock”. Larger wheels are less effected by imperfections in the road surface, maintaining better contact with the road but the lower profile tires will let you feel the road a little more. Lower profile tires are also more susceptible to premature wear and road noise. Another consideration in terms of practicality is the price of tires. 17 inch tires cost less than 19 inch tires to replace, sometimes significantly less.

Xebadaih has it all in a nutshell…Let me add that if you live in area where snow tires are needed, they are less expensive in smaller wheel sizes. The only possible advantage to the larger sizes were if you traveled at autobahn speeds. The lower profiles may run cooler, and handle better. But really, the advantages are few and disadvantages are many. The possible damage to the rims and suspension components from potholes and curbs has always moved me toward the smaller rim sizes with higher profile tires. Realize the overall diameter will be about the same in most cases if tire sizes conform to the owner manual recommendations.

Thank you for answering my question.

Thank you for the additional advice.

Thank you for your additional advice.