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Prius goes Bzzz instead of starting

My 2002 Toyota Prius has been terrific. Since 2004 when I bought it, the auxilary battery was replaced in 2008. Today when I tried to start it, all I got was bzzz. No click, no lights, no warning lights. Only the seat belt and door lights lit up. What is it? Anything I can check before the car shop opens on Monday?

The Prius has a regular battery (which Toyota calls an “auxiliary” battery) which powers everything except the electric drive motors. The alternator (which Toyota calls a “generator”) charges the auxiliary battery when the gasoline engine is running. When the gasoline engine isn’t running, the HV (Hybrid Vehicle) battery charges the auxiliary battery.
There is, either something wrong with the charging system to the auxiliary battery, or there are poor electrical wire connections between the auxiliary battery and the rest of the cars electrics.
You will have to refer to your Owner’s Handbook to determine if Toyota advises a jump start, or not.
The Toyota dealer might be the only shop which can check the auxiliary battery and the HV battery; though, you could call other shops.
What could someone do, right now? Maybe, someone with experience on the Prius has an idea?

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