Big enough to hold 20 djembes?


Huh . . . I personally wouldn’t consider the Venza to be a station wagon

Times sure have changed


How about the corporate cousin to the Aztek . . . Buick Rendezvous, I believe

And it’s slightly better looking, in my opinion :smiley:

Do NOT get the 3.6 liter LY7 motor

The 3.5 and 3.4 are okay

Out of those two, I’d prefer the 3.5


I am looking for something newer than 2005–the last year of the Aztek. But, believe me, I have considered getting another Aztek! I will investigate a newer Rendezvous.


Thank you for the advice about the motor.


Toyota didn’t want motor trend to include the Venza in the SUV of the year testing preferring that they include one for car of the year, it ended up not being included at all. Referred to by some as a Camry wagon.


Venza : A vehicle with an identity crisis - was not a car - was not really a wagon - not really an SUV and not pleasing to look at.


Perhaps it’s time we started calling SUVs “station wagons” again. Station wagons were the minivans of the 1960’s and thus gained the same stigma, even though they were so useful for hauling a score of musical instruments that 'meicans don’t know how to pronounce.


Under $10,000.


You can get a loaded Buick Rendezvous for under $5000 even at a dealer, but the last year of production was 2007. Look for something more like 5 years old so that you can get several years use.


Looking on I found several Chevy Traverse near me for under $10k and under 100k miles, 2010 or so. There’s also the GMC Acadia, same thing. FWD V6, like the Aztek, probably a bit more room.


Maybe it is a local thing, but many people refer to my Trailblazer as a truck, I have owned trucks, and in my opinion it is not a truck.


It is body on frame . . .

By your estimation, does a vehicle need to have a bed, for it to be called a truck?


What about that?

Truck or not a truck?


The Traverse is a lot bigger than the Aztek. The first generation (2009-2017) is a full size SUV. You may remember the commercials where is was touted as having more cargo area than the Pilot. A nice SUV, though. I had one for a couple of weeks on a business trip to Utah.


Truck component.


Looks like a truck without a box


Nobody removed the box

The truck left the factory in that configuration

Next step is the bodybuilder, where they will attach what the customer wants


The front of the vehicle indicates a truck to me, and even you said

So I do not see you could make a trailblazer out of it which is why I commented I thought it weird many people call my trailblazer a truck.:heart_eyes:


What does the underhood emissions sticker say?

I suspect it says your vehicle is in fact a truck :heart_eyes:

Even though you may not consider it a truck, it might technically be considered one


Tell me what I am looking for please, no offence intended. In our state we have a and b truck plates, my trailblazer has passenger car license plates.


If you have passenger car plates, you paid the gas guzzler tax. All automobiles registered as cars pay the federal tax if the gas mileage is low enough, and your vehicle’s mileage is low enough.

That there TrailBlazer is a truck. It’s built on the GMT360 truck frame.