Bicyclist hit by white Hummer with stars on the wheels. Driver videoed

The cyclist was running a red light, but they didn’t point that out in the clip. The driver should have stayed on the scene though.

I believe what the driver did is called a felony. Saying the cyclist ran the light is relevant to whose fault it was, not to the responsibility a driver has to stay, report the accident and explain what happened.

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If the cyclist ran the red light, then his failure to follow the law is the proximate cause of the collision. The Hummer driver should be penalized for leaving the scene of the accident, but his cavalier attitude toward the cyclist was not the proximate cause of the collision.

What is the supposed evidence that the cyclist ran the light?

The bicyclist’s helmet-cam video?

Denver bicyclists are notorious forunning RED signals and STOP signs.
Wife and I also do.n our tandem - if such does not affectraffic having the right-of-way.

I re-ran the vid several times and couldn’t see a red light.

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The cyclist edited that video. There is about 20 seconds missing. Possibly cropped as the it looks like the focal length changed between the segments.

Since they were going at 90 degrees to each other, one of them certainly ran the red light. All you see in the first segment is his handle bars so either the helmet cam wasn’t aligned with his view of the road, which is unlikely, he wasn’t watching where he was going or he cropped only the bottom of the clip so the traffic light would not be shown.

Don’t know if it is hit and run, or maybe the driver was asking if you are ok and the cyclist said yes, too little info.

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