Beware of misinformation

Hopefully nobody is dumb enough to believe the nonsense in this spam, which is currently circulating via email. Obviously, the veterans of this forum know better, but there are people out there who might believe it. Apparently, it was supposed to be a joke, but some people who receive it might not realize that they shouldn’t take it seriously.



Well, you will use less gas if you cut it off- Like ZERO!

So that’s why engine manufacturers switched from chains to belts. Got it! :wink:

I can’t imagine someone dumb enough to believe this image, and also smart enough to remove the timing belt cover.
So many can’t even get past opening the hood.


That is true, but… you never know what types of mischief people can get themselves into.

I don’t know about all of them because I don’t need the sites that have those internet challenges that people do . Many of them are dangerous so yes I can see someone actually cutting a timing belt just because they saw this email .

Nothing would surprise me anymore so more than likely someone out there is considering or has done it.

Back in the late 80s a 70s model Subaru was towed in for a no-start. The smell of burnt wiring was very strong. Apparently the headlight fuse gave up; a 15 amp fuse. The guy added a 20 amp which promptly blew and keep in mind this was the old style glass fuses.
He then went to a 25, 30 and eventually a 40 amp which popped immediately.

His answer for this was to remove the short blade from a reversible common/.Phillips screwdriver and plug that into the fuse holder. Nothing popped this time except all of the wiring from the fuse box forward.
And of course he complained about the cost of a new harness…



Saw this, is the first car a Delorien?



Looks like a photoshop!

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What, you’ve never heard of Back to the Future?


Yep. photoshopped. Here’s an original version.


I definitely recall the first McDonalds where I lived in Colorado at the time. They had a new-franchise promotion that lasted a couple of years. Pretty good deal. For 35 cents every Saturday, for those 12 or younger, you got a hamburger, fries, and milkshake. Pretty tasty.

The latest internet “challenge” is a particularly stupid and dangerous one!

Go. to youtube and look up Flat Earthers. Believe me…there are plenty of extremely stupid people who’ll believe this crap.

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A few months ago, in downtown Princeton, there was a guy displaying huge signs on the sidewalk of the main drag. One of the signs espoused the Flat Earth theory, and the other one claimed that The Holocaust never happened. Luckily for that moron/bigot, the folks in Princeton are a non-violent lot, and he was only laughed-at.

The flat earthers come in all races. They are special breed of stupid. All evidence showing the earth is a globe is FAKE. They are the ones who failed math and science classes in grade school and now they actually think they are the High IQ ones. Watch some of the other you-tubers with real science knowledge debunk them. Even when presented with hard FACTS the flat earthers don’t believe it.

And a bad one at that. They appear to have cut the passenger headlight out of the picture.

At least the ideas to cut off the timing belt and a valve stem won’t result in anyone getting killed or killing themselves. Click and Clack themselves said the most common last words among young people who died early was, “Watch this!”.


Be careful using the internet for advice on ridding your yard of cockroach nests.

I hope the dog wasn’t hurt. :confounded: