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Better Winter Snow Tires

My Dodge pickup is equipped with 235 75R 15’s. For better snow travel, I would like a narrower, taller tire. Is there such a thing as a 225 85R 15, or 225 95R 15, and can I mount such on the same rims?

Alternatively, is there a taller narrower rim size, and tires that would mount to them?

Essentially, I want to increase the tread diameter by an inch or so, and I want to reduce the width by a couple inches if possible.

If it isn’t possible with radials - what about bias ply tires? They used to make those pretty tall and narrow?

Thanks. will give you all the information you seek.
Variations in tire size can be mounted safely on different rim widths within a reasonable range. Tirerack will tell you what rim widths will work for each tire size. They’ll also tell you how much you’ll need to compensate for in your speedometer/odometer for the diameter change you want to make.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll see what TR has to say.

I bet you’d do fine in the stock size with a great winter tire. 75 profile is plenty tall for good traction.

Tire Rack has the Michelin X-Ice, very highly rated.

You need not have to consider snow tires for winter travel if you are willing to put up with some AT tires for trucks. Kumho AT tires for example, are year round AT tires that have the “mountain and snow flake emblem” for heavy snow and winter condition traction. There are other tires from BFG, Firestone etc. in the AT line (all terrain) that could very well fit your needs. I have done this for years in a heavy snow area with good success on some trucks.

For practical purposes, there isn’t a more narrow alternative to a P235/75R15 in a winter pattern.

Yes, All Terrains would be a good choice as a replacement for the All Seasons you have now, except they will be noisier.

Another option is the Duratracs. They are more aggressive than a regular AT but have good rating when it comes to winter performance.