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Best way to safely sell a 1991 Honda with 229K miles

Looking for advice on the safest way to sell my 1991 Honda Accord EX. I’m the original owner, had all servicing done and have all the service records - I’ve really taken care of the car but it’s time to finally move to safer car.

I live in LA and I’m looking for alternatives to putting an ad in the paper or on-line and meeting strangers to show the car. I’ve heard and seen too many horror stories about what can happen. It’s still in good shape and would be great transportation for someone, so I’d rather not donate it at this point and I’m sure the trade-in value, if a dealer took it at all, would be next to nothing. I’d like to sell it to off-set some of the cost of the car I intend to purchase.

What advice do you all have on selling an older car with high miles, but in great shape, and doing it safely in a city like LA?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

It sounds like you want to sell your car yourself, but don’t want to have any interaction with someone to do it. Unless you use the car as a trade in or enlist the help of a friend to sell it there really isn’t a choice, but to hang on to the car. Perhaps there is a company out there that will sell a car to a private seller for a fee, however any fees they charge will probably bring it down to the equivelant of trading it in. Trade in on that car on KBB is $1625 while private sale is $2740. Both of those seem high to me I would expect more of $1000 trade in and $1500 to $2000 private sale. I do have a few suggestions on how to make selling it to a private party safer as if you want to do this dealing with a person is inevitable. First have a friend there when you meet the potential buyer, two get a look at there ID and insurance before you let them drive the car, third DO NOT let them drive the car by themself, and fourth make sure they understand this car is used and is AS IS so any problems that may arise that you are not aware of at the time of sale are not your problem. Remember too, if the person seems shady nothing says you have to let them drive the car let alone sell it to them. If you don’t want any of this hassle, just trade it in after 16 years and almost a quarter million miles I think you have long gotten your moneys worth out of the car. Hope this helps.

Auto consignment is a possibility however don’t expect much more after the sale than trading it in. The consignment place needs to make money.

Negotiate your next vehicle never mentioning the trade-in. Once your ready and finalized ask how much if your trading it in you would get. My guess on trade-in is around $500-$1000.

There is also the option of donating it.

Don’t assume that you won’t get a decent amount as a trade-in. Find out for yourself.

I have used but with limited success. I had better success just putting a sign in the window and driving it around. I also had the carfax vehicle report printed and available for perspective buyers to see, along with a kelly bluebook report to show the vehicle’s true worth. Some people think these reports are not worth much, but having them available to volunteerly show perspective buyers can put their minds at ease. On the last vehicle I sold with a sign I got full asking price with no fuss. Offer to personally deliver the vehicle to a reputable mechanic of the buyer’s choice for a complete check-up at the buyer’s expense and don’t budge on the asking price.

What “horror stories”?? What are you afraid of? List the car in craigslist and sell it! No matter what it’s condition, it’s worth less than $1000.

If you just can’t deal with a non-English speaking buyer, donate it.

Horror stories might include personal safety issues. I don’t know the gender of the person selling this car, but plenty of women don’t like to meet with unfamiliar men to buy or sell cars.

I wish I had seen your question sooner because I would have bought your 1991 Honda. I am a graduate student and love my 1991 Honda that I bought 3 years ago and now she is wearing out.

Look at the original post date. Te car is probably by now in Honda heaven.

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I did notice the original post date and posted my message with a glint of disappointment that I couldn’t disconnect the transmission from hers and place it in mine :confused: truth be told.

Wow 2007? I’m voting for a red warning banner at the top of anything older than a year. Warning: Post started in 1957 or something like that. Something us old people can read.

+1 to Bing’s thought. Although posting the date of origin prominently in the headings menu would probably be less blunt. That way, if someone should consciously choose to reopen an old thread, at least they’ll be doing so intentionally.

Another vote for doing something about the date of older posts. The site layout contributes to this.

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Realize this is old stuff, but a thought for the future, had a friend inquire at his church about someone who might need a car, and that worked for him.

There are car-enthusiast folks who like to buy these older Hondas and Toyotas and soup them up for more HP, install a different engine, transmission, maybe just a different programming for the engine computer, lower the suspension, etc. It’s like a hobby. Usually they have groups that meet occasionally to discuss their ideas for the next project. And there’s magazines that cater to this subject too. Search Google for “Honda Tuner Clubs” , “Asian car classic restorations” something to that effect. You may find a group of two in your area, then let them know you have a car for sale.

Odd that people who are on this message board every day have trouble with the dates and post dozens of times how challenging it is.

I do not get it either, unless it is in the suggested list at the bottom of the page.

There’s still quite a few Accords of this vintage driving in my neck of the woods

Sure, the paint doesn’t look good anymore, probably running on store-brand tires, ac doesn’t blow cold, etc. . . . but they’re still being used as daily drivers

If I neglect to check the original date I may accidently respond to the OP. Otherwise I somewhat enjoy reading some of the old posts. “Safely” selling a vehicle piqued my curiosity.