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Best tires for Chevy Astro

Any recommendations on the best tires for a 99 Chevy Astro van. The van is our only means of transportation for a family of 8.

Mind-boggling numbers of choices out there. The OE size is p215/75r15.
Don’t just buy the “cheapest”…there’s a reason they’re the cheapest. Buy the less expensive in your budget that meet your driving needs.
To help figure this out I would patronize a good local tire shop. Someplace where you can get follow-up service and warranty work if needed. Even though you might shop on-line ( ie; Tire Rack ), spend your money localy with people who spend their money at your place of business.
. There are numbers of choices of tread type and brands. Something in an all-season with 70,000 mile tread life would probaly get you through life for the next few years nice. can ship to local businesses when you order from them. They’re a great source for finding the right tire for your vehicle, even if you don’t buy from them.

You will get enough about tires from others. i wanted to tell you I really like working on the Astro,things never got complicated and out of hand,they did have some problem areas.

Window motors were very prone to failure,AC compressors leak at the housing halves(this type of compressor is used on many GM cars) if you car has rear AC and most do the line that carries the charge to the rear (GM knows it by the name"muffler hose") likes to rub on a sharp edge of the left rear part of the engine block,causing a fracture in the line.

Some HVAC problems that are usually related to vacuum source or the control head its self.
Sliding door gave some problems,easy adjustments were the fix.
Overall not a bad Van to work on, I have see repeated ring and pinion replacement when the vehicle is used to tow at its max rating 5000lbs.
The only car I ever saw with two idler arms,alignment tech must be a good one.
I even put rear audio in a Astro that did not have it factory installed,a bigger job than you would think.

I would keep in mind that it is a truck, and as stated must be “attired” with that in mind. Load rating, stiffer side walls are extremely important, things like a “quite, smooth ride” are farther down the line in priorities. Your cargo is far to valuable to quibble about performance concessions or price trade offs.
I too have always been an Astro fan and think there is still a solid market for truck based vans that can handle the rigors of high loads with simple straight forward mechanics.

Old School, All Things Considered, Is The Astro A Reliable, Quality Vehicle?

Head and shoulders above a Lumina APV,some may like the 3.8 better than the 4.3. Can any GM be considered quality? and with the fuel pump and AC compressor issues are they reliable? I rate them middle of the road,easier to work on than the Venture of the same year and they have better interior quality than the Venture of the same year. Trouble to take the engine out,I have heard never seen some people cut the radiator core support to get the engine out then re-weld.The 4wd was never popular. The pre 95 of so had very little room for the drivers feet with the following model better. You can get good removing the engine cover and when its off you have good access.