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Best time of year to sell a minivan?

I am thinking of selling our 04 minimal. What is the best time of year to do that? We aren’t in a rush.



Selling it yourself to a private party or trading it in at a dealer? The next generation Odyssey is coming out soon. The sooner you sell it the better, the van isn’t going to improve with age and miles.

The time of year probably doesn’t matter much unless you live in the north and are trying to sell it in the middle of winter.

I was thinking of selling it ourselves in the hopes of getting more for it.

NOW :slight_smile:

School’s just starting and this logistics crunch causes people to -“what if”- their current cars.
As the school year progresses they concede to what they have.

Now is the time to catch their eye with the minivan utility.

See if schools will let you post a flyer.

Look on Craigslist to see how much 2004 Odyssey’s are in your area and post an add on Craigslist for free. I’ll trade you my 2002 Odyssey for your 2004. How many miles on yours?

since it is a minivan, any time you sell it is a good time. Kinda like my old 1070 volkswagon fastback, the day I sold it was one of the happiest days of my life, comparable to the day my divorce was final.

as an addendum to this post, I’d have to expose my prejudice by saying, there is not good time of year to buy a minivan. but thats just me.

If you wan to sell it yourself, make sure that it is ready to register by the new owner. This means that if your state requires safety or smog inspections, get them before you list the van for sale. They buyer can register it the same day he takes possession. If you don’t do the inspections, the new owner will have a risk and will reduce your price accordingly.

Now is always the best time.

Selling it now:

  • Gets the money to you now
  • Eliminates insurance cost
  • Eliminates storage issues, gets it out of your driveway

There is no reason to wait, unless you are not sure you want to sell it. It is not going to gain value with time.

One could make the same argument about an SUV, or a GM product.

And now that Toyota is the all-time recall champion, you might add them to the list. :stuck_out_tongue: