Best state to buy a used car?


Would it be Florida or California? I’m looking to buy a used Pick-up, my current one has rusted out… in Michigan. Would I be wise to look out of state?


How old are looking for. If only a few years old buy in-state.

Also on your “rusted out” pickup what year was that. Rust proofing has significantly improved over the years.


Inland in Oregon or California (closer you get to the coast, the more the sea salt has an effect), the south-western states tend to have rust-free rides.

Basically anywhere they don’t salt the roads and you’re not getting salty ocean air.


I’d go for the not too deep south where salt is not used on the roads. Car bodies do pretty good now in the salt but it still eats brake parts. Too deep in the south and the sun and heat beat up on things. I once thought that a place like Kokomo, IN would be a good place to buy a used car because GM and Chrysler are there and salt is not used as often as further north. Their employees get a good deal on a new car so used should be cheaper because of plenty of fairly new trades on the market but a used car person there told me that it made little difference.


Neither, if rust is your concern. Try Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas, Southern Nevada, or Southern Utah.