Best Scratch Remover?


What product would everyone recommend for removing scratches? If you know the price, or a great place to get it cheap, please include that as well.

They don’t seem all that deep, so I don’t think I’ll need to have them buffed out, although I’m still not entirely sure where some of them came from.

Thanks in advance.


Multiple recommendation to me for Maguire Scratch X, when I finally used it really works if you follow directions.


What do you mean by follow directions? And by that, I mean is there a common mistake people make when using this?

The reason I ask is that I have used this product before, and while it has gotten some of the scratches out, the majority are still there.

I understand the reality may be that the scratches are too deep and I have to get them buffed out, but I’m hoping that I’m just not using it correctly and can avoid paying to get them buffed out.


[b]I’ve used Nu Finish Scratch Doctor to remove scratches from clearcoat finishes. And have been satisfied with the results.

However, if the scratch is down to the colorcoat of the finish, then a clearcoat will have to be applied to the scratch, then wet sanded and then buffed out.



I was told that rubbing the scratch with “boiled” lindseed oil will cover it. Is this true?