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Best H-13 headlight capsule for 2008 Expedition to reveal deer, elk?

Mountain hospitals have been increasingly calling for STAT bloodeliveries in the middle of the night.
Due to deer and elk I drive more slowly but still get surprised by large animals near the roadways.
Any suggestions for brighter headlight capsules?
Interestingly, all are 65/55 Watts.
Thank you.

there is a legal limet on the wattage of a headlight bulb. but you can change the color of the bulb or the temp. of the bulb. I agree with you about slowing down at night it is harder to see at night and its not in till your on top iof an animal that you see them. I would vist one of the better mobil electronics stores in your area talk with them about your choices for improven your lighting.

For the stock headlights there’s not a lot you can do, I’d put in a set of Silverstar bulbs and make sure they’re aimed correctly. Your needs might be better met with a set of extra driving lights, if they’re legal where you live. But you’ll have to be VERY careful to no blind oncoming cars.

Thank you.
When oncoming traffic I switch to low beams
If extra driving lights, I could switch them off - maybe connect them through a relay to the highbeam circuit so they can be controlled from the steering post switch.
Wish that I could mount a pair of H4651 high beam headlights to the grill.

Find one of these to mount into your vehicle (or similar technology) -

No need for brighter headlamps, use night vision technology…

I do worry that better lights will cause a collision - these critters bound onto the highway without warning, and you might drive faster with better lights, but you won’t see them until it’s too late.

I do worry that better lights will cause a collision - these critters bound onto the highway without warning, and you might drive faster with better lights, but you won't see them until it's too late.
Good point! Yes. As a worst-case-scenario guy, I always consider getting over-confident so don't let that happen.

Boy I hear you. I would second the silver star as about the best you can do without mounting a separate set of sealed beams for the fog lamps. But HID are really what you need. The first I had them on our 08, I couldn’t believe the difference. Coming back from South Dakota one night, I counted 23 deer close to or on the road on one stretch and I could see them all way ahead of time. There just is no comparison to HID lights but you’ll have to trade cars to get them.

Thank you.
On I requested
Sylvania H13 (9008) SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen Headlight - Pack of 2
Hate to spend the money, but if increased safety it may be worth it.

A roof rack with KC HiLites aimed ‘‘out there’’ will light up the night…BUT…
as the others have said…

A roof rack with KC HiLites aimed ''out there'' will light up the night...BUT... as the others have said...

The light bar is in the way.
Maybe I should install Unity post mount spotlights.

[Scratch that idea. These spotlights are a fortune.]
How can such a spotlight be worth $860 ?

Mount the KC HiLiters on a push/brush guard in front. All the police and sherriff Expeditions around here have the push guards and there’s mounting space therein for two.

A Sherriff’s unit in the shop today has an emergency light bar on the roof that only sits four inches tall at the rain gutters, three inches in the roof center . An off road light bar would stand taller than that ( in front of or behind ) allowing full vision of the emergency lights.

A Streethawk light bar spans the roof rack rails - so no damage to the roof from mounting legs.
I’m already complaining abouthe $36. Push guards are too expen$ive and too heavy - ruin fuel economy.
Also avoiding looking like law enforcement.