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Best dealer review sites

So where can I look at dealer reviews that costumers have written. Or more truthfully where I feel that they tried to take advantage? Is this a angies list deal or is there something on here?

Try doing a web search for this (without quotes):

“philadelphia car dealer review”

You’ll get quite a few hits. One more thing: A car salesman’s pay is based on how much he can talk you into paying for a car. The more you pay, the more he makes. They aren’t trying to rip anyone off. They are trying to put food on the table. That doesn’t mean you should pay MSRP if you can get a car for less. You, or more correctly your relative in Philly, also has to put food on the table. If the buyer knows as much or more than the salesman does about the cars he is looking at, it is possible to get a great deal. But you have to prove you are a knowledgeable buyer.