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Best car to replace beloved Toyota Cressida

Several years and cars ago, I owned a 1987 Toyota Cressida sedan. I loved just about everything about it…the plush-but-firm, roomy, velour seats, the sunroof, the smooth ride, the excellent visibility, leather and wood trim accents, the roominess without being the size of a small boat!

I loved how the car was luxurious, but not pretentious. Since I bought it (very) used, I was able to get all of this for a price I could not have afforded in a new car.

After its unfortunate demise, I have owned a '96 Mazda 626 and a Ford Contour. The time is close to replace the Contour, and I keep thinking back to the Cressida. I am not interested in the ‘vanity’ factor of buying a particular brand, but want a dependable car (new or used) with the understated luxury of my beloved Cressida.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

The Hyundai Sonata or a Kia Elantra. They have come a long way and are easy on the pocket book. Look at a used toyota avalon as well, non pretentious lexus covered up.

Toyota Avalon, Nissan Maxima, Larger Buicks(cheap used and excellent cars) built in last 7 years

The Elantra is actually a Hyundai, and there is a significant difference in interior room/luxury between the smallish Elantra and the old Cressida.

A Sonata would be a good choice, as would the more roomy and more luxurious Hyundai Azera. The Azera beats the Toyota Avalon in every category, except for gas mileage. If the OP is willing to take a 2 mpg “penalty”, he/she could save a whole lot of money by buying an Azera instead of an Avalon. My brother has an Azera and he is extremely happy with it.

What about a Lexus? That’s what the Cressida grew into. I also like Buicks. The LaCrosse is a goood car and the Lucerne is even better. A 2006 LaCrosse will cost less than $15,000 and a Lucerne will be less than $20,000 - about $16,000 with the 6-cylinder. Look at the Lexus ES-330 as well if you can afford $23,000 for a 2006.

Hate to break it to ya, but excellent visibility and new cars don’t go together in the same sentence anymore.

“Hate to break it to ya, but excellent visibility and new cars don’t go together in the same sentence anymore.” - Tell me about it! I’m pretty tall and yet, still find myself ‘jacking up’ the seat to see over the hood in these ‘newer’ cars! I miss those down-ward sloping hoods and low trunks!

Thanks for the suggestions so far and please keep them coming! RE: Lexus - I had thought about a used one, but wasn’t sure what is a good bet for used models. I’ll look into the ES330, but suggestions on others (particularly lower-priced) would be great!

Forward visibility isn’t usually the problem, it’s the side and rear view that sucks. The A pillars create so much of a blind spot that it’s no wonder fender benders happen at 4 way stops, as well as the side view that can make someone merge into a lane where someone is right on their right bumper

Since the ES330 is essentially a gussied-up Camry, look for a top-of-the-line Camry and you can get essentially the same car for a lot less money.