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Best car for Hawaii potholes

There are some great beaches on Kauai that have horrible roads to reach them with ruts and potholes. Suggestions on which car to buy? I’m moving there. I can only afford a used compact car. I am liking the Honda Fit, but am concerned about clearance.

How about a small compact truck instead. A 2wd truck is a lot easier to maintain than a fwd compact. A Fit is a nice car but I don’t think it could take that kind of abuse.

Ed B,

I agree. How about a Jeep Cherokee?

Rent a car until you can find out what the long time residents recommend.

Edb1961 is right on…Short, tough third world vehical designed for the road you describe , exactly like the one I have to travel daily? I had a Suzuki Sidekick that literally floated over rough stuff. Check out utube for Side Kicks adventures off road. Geo Tracker or newer used Vitara too. What ever you get you need HIGH profile tires with small rims and lots of rubber (meat as the tire people call it). If that is your focus, you can’t go wrong. There is little in compact cars that can handle rough roads in comfort with low clearance and low profile tires, less you drive real slow. I like compact pick ups too ! The stuff you need can be cheaper then compact cars.

I was surprised to hear HI had problems with potholes, with their fairly consistent weather. A Honda CRV might be a better choice than the FIT.

I agree with MB. Get a feel for what the locals drive in that area before you commit to anything.

Potholes ?
Taller tires !
It’s the TIRE that is your first line of defense against rough terrain…and then the suspension.

Do NOT drive anything with little tire flex like 60,55,50 series tires or shorter.
Get anything with about a 70 or 75 series tire.

Small pickup with 235/75r15 or 235/70r16 etc.

A short tire will get damaged AND the rim will soon follow.

Who the heyy flagged this for off topic ??? It’s exactly ON TOPIC !!
It doesn’t matter what vehicle you drive IF yo pick one with TALLER TIRES they’ll be more able to stand the riggors of potholes.

CJ model Jeeps have been Hawaii favorites for many years…When you live in an isolated community like that, serviceability becomes important too…If you can’t fix it yourself, make sure someone nearby CAN fix it…