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Best brand for repair/maintenance

I am starting to look for a new car. After having a car that requires specialized dealer parts and servicing, I’m looking for a brand that doesn’t necessarily require special oil, filters, etc… for average maintenance. I’ve been eyeing VW, Subaru, Chevrolet and Honda but am VERY open to feedback.

Any suggestions of which brands to stay away from or lean towards would be greatly appreciated!

If you’re coming from a Land Rover Disco, the world is your oyster! Any of the ones you mention, along with any of the other major brands, will meet your needs. If you want data on reliability, one source is the Consumer Reports car buyers guide, worth a read.

Start with the CR magazine suggested by Texases, available at your local bookstore. Then test drive what looks good to you.

After owning a Land Rover, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven regarding ownership costs.

I bet even the Volvos would be cheaper to fix, and that’s saying a lot.
I’m more of a Ford guy when it comes to domestic brands, and would recommend Mazda to someone looking, if they got a dealership nearby

Based on this link, I would not recommend the Jeep Liberty. It would also give me pause to recommend anything by Chrysler until they get a little more “maintenance friendly”.

Honda and Toyota call for a special transmission fluid, Chevrolet calls for a special antifreeze, but the transmission fluids generally cost about the same at a dealer as they do at a parts store and you can use the newer longlife antifreezes in a Chevrolet when the Dexcool needs changing.

At this moment I feel best about Honda, Toyota, and Ford. Stay away from Land Rover (but you know that) VW, Chrysler, and Volvo.

I have to add one thing.  The best car is the one that has received the best maintenance.  Any car well do better, if treated to the maintenance recommended by the car's manufacturer.  It need not be done by a dealer, but it really should be done.

My vote is with Mr. Meehan.

Since apparently only 1 car out of 10,000 ever receives what one would call meticulous maintenance it’s not hard to see why failures would appear.

I agree. Over the years, Toyota and Honda have been most reliable by far. But, though I personally am very prejudiced for Toyota, there are several Ford models which are VERY reliable, which may have something to do with the fact Ford didn’t need the taxpayers help.

Ford F-150. Some of their cars, CR will have the data. I hear Chevrolet Malibu has been very good.

And, if it is an automatic, have at least basic transmission service done very 30,000 miles even if the owner’s manual doesn’t say it needs it.

Any high production Ford product. They need little maintenance, fewer repairs and if repairs are needed, any mechanic can get parts and perform them…Toyota’s offer similar benefits…