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Best battery for 2017 Subaru Outback

My binoculars were just marked Sears and a part number. They may have been from the 50s. They were inexpensive 7 x 35s but with a very wide field of view.
Sears changed brand names whenever they decided the old one sounded out of date. Remember Coldspot refrigerators, Silvertone radios, Dunlap tools etc.

Also when something became suddenly popular, they sourced products from all over the world with uneven results.

A couple we knew bough bicycles in the mid 70 from Sears, Free Spirit was the brand name I think. The husband complained to me that his wife would not even try to keep up with him when they rode. I looked at the two identically painted bikes, his was a great bike, Hand brazer thin wall lugged tubes, good components and 27 x 1 1/4" tires, rigid as all get out and when you pressed on the pedals all the power went into forward motion. Hers was AMF or Huffy kids bike quality weighed at least 5 lb more than his and when you pedaled, all the power went into wobble and flex. Both were the same price.