Bent Tie Rod End- How Much?

Last night while driving home in a snowstorm, I veered onto the snow covered verge to avoid 2 guys in front of me doing the donut dance. I slid sideways for about 20-30 feet down a steep embankment. At the bottom, I put it into 4WD and drove bto a nearly level spot where I coud re-enter the road. I became mired in the slushy crap built up 10 feet from the road surface. AAA sent a wrecker (in more ways than one!) The drivere hooked the winch cable to my tie rod end because “that was the beefiest thing to hook on to.” Pulling out was tough. Driver informed me that the winch cable had bent the tie-rod end. Then after I described my sideways slide down the hill, he said, “Oh, that probably caused the tie rod to bend.” The car is at their shop waiting for boss to come in to make an estimate this morning. No matter who shot John, how much should I expect to pay? I live in semi-rural central Pennsylvania- a college town.