Bench front seat?

Did you ever ride as a passenger in a car with a five foot tall driver and a "real bench seat " ?
If you are more than five feet tall it constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. The last car I owned with a "real bench seat " was a 1971 Dodge Dart. But those were the days when I was single and could take advantage of its benefits… 8o)

My mom is about 5’3". That might be the closest I have been, but I was still shorter than her when we got rid of the '65 Impala. I don’t remember if the 70 LTD had a real bench or not.

I accept that I may be wrong

You are correct. The buckets I was thinking of are labeled as split bench.

I drive a 2003 Sable w a split bench seat & shifter on the column. The Sable came either this way or w buckets. The Taurus also. Not sure if OP wants new or used but '03 was the last year for this option, I think.