Belt Tension on 2000 Sonata



Hi all!

I am a weekend (aka wannabe) mechanic, and have just changed out an alternator on a 2000 Sonata. My question is this: since it doesn’t have a tensioner (it uses the screw setup–if I was a real mechanic, I would know the official name for that thing), how do I know if I have over-tensioned the belt, short of it going bad on me?



As you tighten the jackscrew, check the belt deflection at the greatest distance between two pulley’s. The deflection should be about an inch.




By deflection, do you mean give (as in pressing down on the belt)?





Awesome, thanks again!


That’s an inch total, not an inch each way.
Another common way of determining proper tension on a system without a tensioner is to twist the belt by hand, You should be able to twist it about 3/4 of the way around and no more.