Belt and Head light

I need to replace the belt that runs my alternator and pumps. And I also want put new bulbs in my head lights. Are these hard tasks that require anything special?

You shouldn’t need to replace the bulbs unless they are blown. This is easy on a 90’s or newer Crown Vic. No tools required, just twist off the retainer and wiggle the bulb loose from the back of the headlight assembly. On older Crown Vics, a screwdriver or Torx driver is used to take off the headlight retainer, and the entire bulb assembly is replaced.

The serpentine belt requires a large wrench. I think this engine uses a socket on the belt tensioner bolt to release the spring pressure from the belt, and it slides off. Just remember how the belt is routed, and the new one slides on. Some tensioners have a square hole for a 1/2" ratchet or breaker bar to fit into to pull on. I’m not sure if this Crown Vic uses that.

Autozone has repair guides for the Crown Vic. For example, for 1999 - 2005 Crown Vics


Serpentine Belt

You may have to register onto the website to gain access to the repair guide, but it’s free.

Good luck,

Ed B.

In regards to the light bulbs, I want to replace the one’s I already have with Halogen lights.