Before you buy a classic car as an investment

…you should read this article.

It to me is like art, if you don’t want it for your personal enjoyment you don’t need it.

Well in my view, you don’t buy a classic to make money or to look at it. You buy it to have fun in and drive a little once in a while. You really need to do a lot of your own work though unless you want to pay big bucks to a restorer. And as far as restoring, its not for a show but to bring it back to the way it might have been in your driveway 50 years ago before taking it to the drive in.

I subscribed to Hemmings again and got my first copy today. Just about every car I ever owned is worth big bucks today. lol. I disagree with buying only German and Italian though. That’s not our history. Interesting, the relatives in Norway go bananas over old Chevys and Johnny Cash. We shouldn’t discount our culture or history. Personally though I’d like to get a Morris Minor or Corvair again. Something small that’ll fit in my garage.

I guess it is like home improvement projects. They also rarely pay for themselves. But you get to live in what you believe to be an “improved” home. So whether it is worth it to anybody else or not, it’s worth it to you.

I think many people get misled by hearing about wealthy investors buying valuable classics as hard assets. If you’re reading our advice here, you’re not in that category.

For the average working schmuck like me, it’s a labor of love, a hobby, and an expensive one at that. It’s analogous to art, as barky suggested, or golf for my late dad. However… hobbies ARE an investment. They’re an investment in sanity. Worth every penny in my case.